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UI / UX Designer & Web Developer

My name is Christopher Callaghan. I am a user interface designer and website developer based in Edinburgh, Scotland. In 2023, having a simple and elegant website is essential to make your business stand out from the crowd and increase client engagement.

I work with businesses of all sizes, specialising in creating stylish, modern websites and online stores.

What I Offer

My Services

Every service tailored to giving your business the best online presence.

Unique design

I ensure your website displays a unique design and colour scheme that matches your business.

Keep it Simple

My websites display all customer information in a stylish yet easy-to-read format.

Mobile First

All my websites are designed to look stylish and elegant on laptops, mobiles, and everything inbetween.

Search Engines

I ensure your website is created in a way that ranks your business highly on Google search.


I will always be available to resolve any issues or questions you may have regarding your website.

Advanced Options

I can also provide regular reports detailing customer insights to improve your business

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